I still love London even when…

The tube that takes you here to there, knowing that with your oyster you get a cheaper fare.

The constant feel that everyone’s in a rush, but when they bump into you, saying sorry is too much a fuss.

The smell of day old piss and freshly brewed tea and coffee, but we take the bad with the good just to make our mornings that little bit more easy.

The cocky motorists that weave in and out of traffic, knowing that 50% of the time it could end up tragic.

The useless pigeons that never behave, and not more to my liking are getting much too brave.

The black cabs that charge you extortionate amounts, yet we are still willing to ‘jump’ in them under any account.


There are many more irritating things I could say about London, but I could not imagine myself living anywhere else!


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